Minister Catherine McKenna Excludes Red Like Me at Ottawa Meeting, The Inn is Full?

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Identical to trying to attend an event with Prime Minister Harper you must now RSVP to be in Public attendance of any Ministers of the Federal Government. The RSVP and the ‘lists’ at the door screen any dissent or crazies. Red Like Me was refused permission.

The invitation to attend and collaborate with the Minister of Environment for Canada Ms. Catherine McKenna required an RSVP which led to google searches of my name which led to Red Like Me at which time I was notified the ‘consultation’ was all full, all of a sudden.

2:05 PM (8 hours ago)
to me

Dear Rob,

Thank you for your interest in this event. Unfortunately, the Ottawa Centre Climate consultation has reached capacity, but we will contact you if an additional consultation is scheduled in Ottawa Centre.

Catherine encourages you to visit her interactive website at where you can have your say on how to address climate change and promote clean growth.


Office of Catherine McKenna


 ‘Zoolander’ Trudeau,  Majority Rules, Who Needs Troublemakers or Dissent?

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Thanks to all the Liberal hacks in your office for the invitation to apply for approval ,to attend,  thanks for visiting the Red Like Me website leave some comments next time, and thanks for rejecting us so politely as if there was a real reason, ‘the inn is to full’ is a new one. No We will not be visiting or contributing to your facade of involvement,  your web site, Ms McKenna, are you related to the hack Journalist Barbie McKenna of Charlottetown Guardian, you act like her a lot?



we don’t want trouble…………………………

6 thoughts on “Minister Catherine McKenna Excludes Red Like Me at Ottawa Meeting, The Inn is Full?”

  1. Definition of politicians, ” people who are too lazy to work and too proud to beg.” What really annoys me is, when a person is elected to office, all of a sudden their opinions or beliefs are 100% correct, 100% of the time. Did being elected become an epiphany. I firmly believe any politician caught in a lie, be immediately removed from office with no chance of ever running for office again. A politician should be above reproach or pay the penalty. Now, if we could only get judges with constipated minds, to entertain setting new precedents, with regards to their rulings, all Canadians could rest easy.

  2. Actually your gain for not having to sit through their pre-orchestrated pablum (no outside questions allowed). Google 1PacificRedwood and watch a couple of his videos revealing the “climate change” causes in his region of southern California. Would love to hear any meteorologist critique the findings.

  3. In the same way Harper wrote the book on this sort of thing, all of these elected clowns want only “yes” people in attendance at their gatherings. Everything they say is scripted for them and there’s no way they would ever want someone to drop in unannounced – God forbid someone who might ask them the tough questions.

    Trudeau and his cabinet are more interested in taking selfies than they are in transparency (there’s no such thing with a politician) or dealing with the real issues affecting people.

  4. I thought it was going to be a new day, a new way, open and honest and transparency being the key to all!

  5. wear the rejection like a badge of honor.
    I have real questions and real answers for these “climate tards”
    This is another agenda of a different kind.
    Yes, we are polluting the planet and we need to make immediate
    No, we have not caused climate change. Climate change is a naturally occurring cycle, happened many times before and will happen again if we don’t blow ourselves up in the meantime.

    I have read credible research that proves beyond a doubt, we have been here before. Our governments have an agenda and they can only carry it out unnoticed if they GAG us, which in your case they have,.

    Publish the research. They won’t

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