Mike Redmond Challenges Ineptness Alone, Ministers Comments Unacceptable Amid Roundabouts

Green Party MLA Peter Bevan Baker and Premier Maclauchlan, Happy times.

The New Democratic Party of Prince Edward Island is reacting to  Family and Human Services Minister Tina Mundy’s comments that the P.E.I. government is doing its  best  to balance the various needs of seniors who need subsidized housing. “The elephant in the room is obviously patronage and the continued mismanagement of the public’s purse by this Liberal Government,” states Redmond.

The NDP Leader also notes that  Statistics Canada recorded 19,288 Islanders aged 65 or older in 2004. In 2016 there were 28,092, a 46 per cent increase. Minister Mundy said the province hopes that a new national housing strategy will start to provide funding for new housing on P.E.I. before the end of this year.


“It would be somewhat prudent to make the Minister aware that the Federal Government already gives the PEI Government $600,000,000 in transfers. The lack of priorities of this Premier and his Minister is the real problem. We can find $65,000,000 for roundabouts and countless millions for loan write-offs, golf courses and liquor stores, but we cannot find  monies for new manors or for protecting our most vulnerable. This is completely unacceptable,”
concludes Redmond.


Mike Redmond

Leader, NDP PEI


Email: mredmondndp@gmail.com

7 thoughts on “Mike Redmond Challenges Ineptness Alone, Ministers Comments Unacceptable Amid Roundabouts”

  1. After all the dust and smoke and commentary has settled……….here is the Question …….What preparations does a body or group or person need to do to initiate legal work to ask for a Public Inquiry of the current Government of PEI and to do with the lack of Control of money that is being wasted on PEI and not accounted for and Not Governing with Honesty , Transparency and Accountability…………or Go Public, Fifth Estate, CBC investigations so as to proceed on a Legal basis………..if this cannot be done then we are ” chasing ghosts “…….Chester H Llewellyn, thank you for the space to comment.

  2. Peter Bevan Baker strikes one as being very gay. Mac seems to be a Queer as well. Good for them, I say, as being Queer-and-Proud is cool with me!

  3. Mike Redmond is a political grandstander who does not present any policy alternatives. He’s more worried about his political future than the future of islanders. I do not lend any credence to what he says.

    @ Not the orange way………well when will the orange way stand up? The NDP just finished back stabbing Mulcair and now they have nobody, is that orange? Redmond is the only politician asking questions, he works hard, has a family, and where is the orange way friend? Send a bunch of well fed idealists like Leo Cheverie and vote for another review of leadership or wake up and get with the program yourself?RLM

  4. They can also find money for the expense of a new minister with office and all that entails, as well as putting all the MLAs on committee to butter their bread even more and the already high salaries they get.
    Our wealthy Premier may be ‘of’ the people’, but certainly not ‘for the people’.
    Too bad for him that he ruined his reputation and image by becoming Premier, now we see the Emperor is ‘naked’.

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