Stewart McKelvey Goes Both Ways, Why PEI Needs To Send Judges Both Ways Too

Stewart McKelvey is the head office of the “back room” of both political parties in PEI. While the firm delights in the appointment in one of their own to a Chief Justice in Ottawa, the firm also provides ample evidence why PEI should have Judges flown out from Ottawa for local “issues”. Public demonstrations against any government policies should be held in front of Stewart McKelvey offices in Charlottetown, the firm is meddling in everything. Continue reading

Theodore Roosevelt the Champion Of “Muckraker” Journalism, An Art Form lost In PEI

While cautioning about possible pitfalls of keeping one’s attention ever trained downward, “on the muck,” Roosevelt emphasized the social benefit of investigative muckraking reporting, saying:

There are, in the body politic, economic and social, many and grave evils, and there is urgent necessity for the sternest war upon them. There should be relentless exposure of and attack upon every evil man whether politician or business man, every evil practice, whether in politics, in business, or in social life. I hail as a benefactor every writer or speaker, every man who, on the platform, or in book, magazine, or newspaper, with merciless severity makes such attack, provided always that he in his turn remembers that the attack is of use only if it is absolutely truthful.

The muckrakers themselves proudly adopted the label.[21]

The term eventually came to be used in reference to investigative journalists[citation needed] who reported about and exposed issues such as crime, fraud, waste, public health and safety, graft, illegal financial practices. A muckraker’s reporting may span businesses and government.

For a great history on muckrakers……….

 revive the muckrakers, ask the government for answers

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Ghiz and Sheridan Procurement Policies Reckless and Well Hidden

After selling his chocolate bar distribution network, Mark Kays found a position within the Provincial Government as Procurement Executive in the PEI Comptrollers Office, some guys have all the luck. Placement of friends, family or members of the Charlottetown Gentlemens Club is very common with Robert Ghiz, his cousin Kays doesn’t really stand out. However the Comptrollers Office has fiduciary responsibilities, it is failing miserably. Continue reading

Canadian Wind Energy Institute Of Bum Generator Deals?

Three rural hockey rinks in Prince Edward Island, in an effort to lower operating costs purchased windmill generators. The arena managers received expertise and assistance from the Canadian Wind Energy Institute, all the recommendations were reviewed and approved by both the PEI Department of Transportation and Department of Environment, over 1.3 million dollars of public money were invested in the plan, entirely wasted. Continue reading

Provincial Lotteries Looted by Management

Gaming and gambling have become very dirty words in PEI, two of the many reasons why Robert Ghiz had to retire in a hurry. British Columbia was handing out money as bonuses to staff to even get close to sales targets set by the lottery commission. The lotteries have been looted by the commissions and the Provincial governments. Continue reading

Party Election Dynamics, Red Jackets, White Hard Hats and No Good Dirty Rats

Wade MacLauglin made his intention to run for Premier of PEI so profound that nobody except Keith Kennedy will run against him. The announcement was more like a coronation with “Wade” surrounded by the entire sitting Liberal Cabinet and most the caucus. Transportation Minister Rob Vessey was quick to sign on as campaign manager for Wade. Without any reverence to the tartan necktie MacLauglin let the “team” put him into a red jacket. Wear red, everywhere, always, it is very important to the paediatric PEI Liberals. Continue reading

Ask Murray Murphy Or Wade MacLaughlin About Restorative Justice Hoax at UPEI

While Murray Murphy was the lawyer representing UPEI, under directions of President Wade MacLaughlin, a female victim of sexual assault was tormented and badgered relentlessly by Murphy, often in concert with Wade MacLaughlin. Dalhousie University is trying to save its integrity with Restorative Justice, UPEI calls it alternate dispute resolution. Continue reading

McInnes Cooper Millions In Gaming Fees, Who Do They Support for Premier?

While the members of the Charlottetown Gentlemen’s Club and the local law firms all routinely “go both ways”, as they say, we are not sure which law firm is making the biggest donations. Robert Ghiz had to resign, though he has no care for what ever is left after he bails as PEI Premier in such a hurry, the reasons are unfolding with time.

McInnes Cooper billed for millions in fees on the phoney Gaming file exercise, they would be going both ways in the current election fever, but who? It is easy to see Stewart Mckelvey is supporting Rob Lantz in the tory race and indeed they would be heavily financing anything Liberal but who are McInnes Cooper “donating” to?

The firm McInnes Cooper garnered millions in fees  in what Wes Sheridan calls the Gaming file. Wes was considering running for leader as were a few members of the Liberal Caucus, then the “party” and the Gentlemen’s Club decided Wade would be the man.

Stewart McKelvey Endorsement, Why Rob Lantz Should Distance Himself

Rob Lantz has probably got a lot to offer the Conservative Party of PEI, but he has a team of no good parasites promoting him. Making promises about taking away cars might be good for votes but known parasites in your campaign troop can be career limiting. Lantz should beware, Murphy and Lee failed to get Jamie Ballem voted in and everyone thought he had it in the bag. Ballem lost and then Murray Murphy and Jason Lee did anything they could to screw up Olive Crane. They also thoroughly destroyed the party as Opposition. Continue reading

Did Geoff Townsend Cherry Pick BioVectra Jobs from PEI?

The expansion of BioVectra in Nova Scotia provides ample evidence they are no longer an Island company. The company has been a great example of commercial spin offs from UPEI, which evolved under the careful eye of founder Regis Duffy and became an employer of 250 workers in pharmaceutical’s. A Multinational Irish Group, Mallinckrodt PLC, bought BioVectra 2 years ago and new development is following money in Nova Scotia. Continue reading

Harper Launches New Passport Sale For Millionaires “Pilot Program”

Ottawa launches its newest version of passport sales available exclusively to very rich millionaires. Harper is raising the passport price consistently, the new version is a “pilot Program”.

Wade MacLaughlin, PEI Premier Liberal Hack Friends Stacked Into UPEI

If you start connecting the dots between Liberal party of PEI partisan hacks and the staff of UPEI, you end up with a real mess of webs, almost all reach into the Liberal party Robert Ghiz team. The party seeks to parachute in this Wade MacLaughlan, he left some terrible tracks, connect the dots type evidence, which becomes very incriminating just the sheer number of crooks involved. PEI is so modern with Wade, like a bowl of granola, what ain’t whole grains or “nuts”, is a bunch of “flakes”. How will Wade be an improvement? Continue reading

Bully or Not, New PEI Premier Wade MacLaughlin, Protecting UPEI Rapists

Wade MacLaughlin has proven to manipulate policy and circumstances and too threaten and legally badger UPEI victims without any hesitation. The Guardian gave MacLaughlin the chance to clear his name on bullying but the Guardian and CBC both have ignored UPEI infractions by administration involving Wade McLaughlin in numerous circumstances.  Continue reading

Canadian Finance Ministers Ignore Reality Check

The Finance Ministers are all scrambling now, particularly those with oil royalty revenue, Alberta is looking at a 7 Billion dollar drop in royalty income. The Council of the Federation Provincial finance minister’s met in Ottawa but again they ignore the tough questions.

Ghiz sold 2000 Passports Got Shutdown, BC sold 37,000 in China

Selling passports as a bonanza for self enrichment and “party” benefit got shut down in PEI when Robert Ghiz and his team corrupted the rules in 2008. Stats Canada recently reported that 37,000 millionaires from China alone, purchased passports between 2005 and 2012 in British Columbia alone, Ghiz scammed the first 2000 files. PEI was the only Province shut down for two years, Harper had to sweep it under the carpet to save international face and allow the rich to gain easy access to Canada. Continue reading

Ghiz Handing Out 120 dollar Bottles Of Scotch, Merry Christmas for Christ’s Sake?

Corruption has found its way out into the open in PEI, recently resigned Premier Robert Ghiz was openly handing out 120 dollar bottles of Scotch to Guardian News paper staff at the Liberal Merry Christmas for Christ’s Sake annual party. The Guardian has whole heartedly whitewashed the reasons why Ghiz resigned and now your either right behind the entire party and Wade MacLaughlin or your a homophobic. Continue reading

Stephen Poloz Bank Of Canada, Partisan Appointees Policy, He Has No Idea

The Bank of Canada will evidently roll with the punches and follow the crowd on economic policy, according to the wishy washy crap Stephen Poloz offered. Poloz has experts like McInnes Cooper hack lawyer Derek Key on his partisan stoked Board of Directors. Fact is that the collapse of oil prices has caught all the experts off guard, Poloz is guessing and scrambling……..from the Globe and Mail today…… Continue reading

CBC Irrelevance Fosters Obsolescence, Public Outrage Of CBC Tailspin

CBC is in a tailspin, ethically, morally and in public support. Philip Cross opinion piece puts the circumstances in clear focus. Elites have destroyed CBC and everything it once stood for.

There are lessons from the CBC’s downfall for other institutions that rely on government funding. Serve all Canadians equally, instead of allowing yourself to be captured by a strongly-motivated ideological minority.