Whistle Blowers Reap Millions in Fraud Case

Whistle blowers are the new American Heroes according to a Due Diligence Report.


Whistle blowers are always protected at Red Like Me, just ask Scotiabank if you do not believe us.

Red Like Me Suggests CBC PEI Investigation Assignments

CBC Charlottetown while really trying to get into the news business, is missing the mark entirely. Since CBC executives botched the NHL contracts and the revenue we are seeing new objective journalism imposed on the cozy back water “feel good” news room in PEI. CBC Go Public from Vancouver has taken a lead role in investigative journalism and won awards, PEI has been given a wake up call and told to get with it or else. Continue reading

Justin Trudeau Phones Into CBC PEI To Put His Foot In Premier Ghiz’ Mouth?

Robert Ghiz and PEI Health have been very busy trying to explain why they have hidden a report which demonstrated cost savings by providing abortion services in PEI. Ghiz even went to the extreme expense of rehiring his favourite spin doctor. On CBC radio, Trudeau ever so politely suggested, “There are questions which need answers”, in PEI Health Continue reading

Scotia McLeod Retirement Farewell or Public Hanging?

Shame can encourage early retirement but there does not seem to be any sense of shame at Scotia McLeod, particularly in Charlottetown. Industry insiders are suggesting they would prefer a public hanging of culprits bringing disdain and mistrust in the sleepy back water. Still waters run deep and there is millions and millions of investment capital in PEI. Continue reading

Moody’s Points Canada In Direction of Higher Interest and Bank Profits

Naturally the balanced budget and world “leader” banking system wins some token mention but Moody’s Bond Rating Service review of Canada points Harper toward higher interest rates. Moody’s is fearing overvalued real-estate in Canada and high levels of personal debt ‘could’ become problematic. The Harper  “Consumer First”, policy is a figment of some spin doctors imagination. Continue reading

SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) Corporate Legal Attacks@ PEI

SLAPP suits are being used more readily and regularly by corporate interests and particularly Brand Managers throughout North America. There is a legal term for such action; a ‘vexatious lawsuit’, which you have little prospect of winning and you really do not want it to go to trail. It is a tool in the arsenal of “legal fatigue” tactics which are manipulative and disrespectful of our Courts. Our courts belong to the people. Continue reading

How Much Pay for Geoff Townsend To Return As Premiers Spin “Doctor”

Premier Robert Ghiz has been at odds with his team as most have left or quit, now Geoff Townsend is returning to help Ghiz win another election? There has been no announcement here but it would have cost a lot of money. Townsend left for more pay to be Chief Advisor to Nova Scotia Premier.

Townsend was dearly missed by the young premier, he was like a favourite blanket when things were tough. Townsend’s wife had just secured employment in Halifax and it will be expensive for Islanders to move Townsend and his family back to PEI. Townsend was real handy around Province House if you needed a light, he was always standing outside smoking.

Why Are CBC British Columbia So Advanced Compared to CBC Charlottetown

CBC PEI has served as a press release publishing clearing house for anything positive about Liberals. The CBC local team has been withheld from pursuit on many obvious questions ignoring some critical matters entirely. Continue reading

How Did Campbell Lea’s Paul Michael Get Millions of PNP Immigration Loot?

Well sometimes things are very obvious and Paul Michael, partner at Campbell Lea law firm looked like yet another crappy lawyer, after losing what should have been a slam dunk law suit for wrongful dismissal at UPEI. The whistleblower at UPEI who exposed Professor Sean Hennessy was fired by Hennessy, who was found guilty of fraud and remains at UPEI. Michael lost the wrongful dismissal claim and it cost the whistleblower a fortune. Why did Michael’s get millions of PNP loot? Continue reading

Hate to Mention, But What About UPEI Fraudsters and Partisan Hiring Practices?

Not to mention anything difficult, now that all the students are settled in at UPEI but the Administration of the University under partisan appointees is really starting to smell. Convicted fraudster and thief Professor Sean Hennessy remains as one of the highest paid  on staff at the institution.

The Canadian Association of University Teachers(CAUT) investigated and they found partisan hiring practices, among a number of other things, severely dysfunctional.

Continue reading

Red Like Me Honesty Forum in PEI Securities Mire of Corruption

While a CBC story stated there are 4,000 people licensed to deal in securities in Prince Edward Island, we rather doubt there are that many but Red Like Me is sure there are a “few” honest ones. While certain Securities Brokers in PEI are under investigation at almost every level the industry is losing confidence, some local brokers are identifying scoundrels. Continue reading

How Do Backwater PEI Brokers Make More Than Wall Street Tycoons?

Goldman Sachs Bank has limited increases of executives bonuses to 18%, average pay per employee is $ 320,000.00 dollars. PEI Broker of RBC Wealth Management “Smith Team”, David Smith is building a 7,000 square foot house in “cosy” Charlottetown, which you cannot build on the limited pay New Yorkers receive. How can Smith and his team do it?  Continue reading

Potato Tampering Spin Teams, Investigations of A Monster at Large?

The apparent intentional tampering with PEI potatoes is a story that is not so clear just yet, evidence continues to be gathered around the Maritimes of potatoes with sewing needles lodged within the potato or even french fry. The potato is deeply rooted throughout PEI agriculture and the economy of the Province. A fanatical criminal is at large in PEI. Continue reading

TD Bank Executive, Quarter Million Dollars Bail, 1.2 Billion “Investments” Lost

Never to be outdone by Scotia McLeod or RBC Dominion, TD Bank jumped into the fray of fraudulent rogue securities brokers, fleecing investors and protecting the “Brand”. TD Vice President Frank Spinosa was released on $ 250,000.00 dollars bail, he is charged with deceiving investors of 1.2 Billion US dollars in a scheme similar to Eddie and Yo-Yo, of PEI Scotia McLeod fame. The common threads are lying and  cheating while calling it management. Continue reading

PEI’s Criminal Eco Terrorist Actions Cannot Be Tolerated

Evidence is building that there are some fanatic’s against the entire potato industry in PEI. The most cowardly and criminal act of inserting sewing needles into potatoes, they have been discovered at many locations and not mentioned at others. Continue reading

TB Bank Vice Chairman Frank McKenna To Cheerlead For Ghiz in PEI? Really?

Vice Chairman of TD Bank, Frank McKenna will be a key note speaker in PEI at a touchy feel good dinner, to honour PEI Senator Catherine Callbeck. McKenna was a very popular Premier in New Brunswick but that seems like a lifetime ago, he snubbed the Federal Liberals after Paul Martin tore the party down to the ground. He declared his net worth over 1 million when he became Ambassador to United States, now he probably makes millions per year at TD Bank. Continue reading

Largest Corporate Donor to Premiers Party at PEI, Increased Insurance Fee Grab

CBC Charlottetown sometimes cannot connect the dots in the news under their nose so they go ahead and “report” press releases without question. The Insurance Bureau of Canada, a Cartel of colluded corporate profiteers were the largest Corporate donor to the council of Premiers meeting recently held in PEI. Today CBC “mentioned” that the Insurance Bureau of Canada is recommending that policy holders check the deductible as  it is being increased without mention. Continue reading