Billy Dough, He’s A Bright Boy, PEI Premiers Most Favoured Lawyer Insider Trading?

The Red Like Me Studio band hit on some hard times late last year, times got tough, not to many gigs, equipment in hawk and the musicians kicked around in the street.

Young Billy Dow surfaced insider trading in the Ghiz Gaming Investigation so I thought we should post our tribute to Billy Dow. The song mentions a lot of coverup that the Liberals have been so consumed with in the e gaming file.

follow the link and enjoy the Red Like Me Studio Band, one of our original hits. 


Paul Jenkins Liar Liar Pants on Fire, Wes Sheridan Coverup Gets Uncovered

Local businessman Paul Jenkins who has fed on the overflowing Liberal cup, so to speak, lots of PNP money, easy access to Finance PEI millions at rates no bank can match. Jenkins sold his Friendly drugs distribution ‘pharmacy’ business to Lawtons and now operates nursing homes. Jenkins makes some real doozies in his sworn affidavit, false statements to a regulator constitute perjury and can include jail time. funny eh? Continue reading

PEI’s CBC and Guardian a Media Tandem of “Liberal Party Spin” Crappola

If today was any indication, the PEI CBC and Charlottetown Guardian have adopted the local media penchant for blowing sunshine up the backsides of anyone Liberal. CBC announced Wade MacLaughlin’s bid to be coronated as the first gay Premier of PEI about 600 times before supper. The Guardian’s Jocelyn Lloyd who is normally a web comments editor, put out an article about PEI NDP leader Mike Redmond, she accused him of making a backhanded welcome to Wade.

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“No Public Money Involved” Wes Sheridan is a Liar Liar, Pants on Fire

Mi’kmaq Confederacy press release today from “Executive” Director Don MacKenzie claims the conditional funding was provided which would be repaid from revenues. There were no revenues and no repayment. “No monies are owed by MCPEI”. It was public money that MCPEI and Mcinnes Cooper were spending on the gaming initiative, Minister of Innovation will not tell how much, it is certainly all lost, probably over 2 million dollars.

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What Exactly Does “Liberal Party” Stand For, Other than Elections, Members Ask?

The most common question of Liberal party members is, “Who the Hell Are We and what do ‘We’ Stand for”. Candidates are quick to appear at the hint of an election but the conflicting examples of the party in the Provinces and federal Parliament seems that principals and ethics are easily ignored. The Premier of PEI just surprised everyone with his resignation announcement, party back rooms in the Liberal back water are very busy. Continue reading

Crowd Sourcing “Legal Advice” in CBC Lawsuit Against Human Rights Process

CBC Charlottetown has been locked into a Human Rights Commission battle against a wheelchair advocate for over 5 years. The legal tactics of the CBC lawyer handling the case raises many questions about the Public Broadcaster. The strategy of lawyer Alan Parish from Halifax is drag it out forever which is great for his fees but should a publicly funded news service be embroiled in such a costly and vexatious lawsuit vs Human Rights? The wheel chair advocate has turned to ‘crowd source’ legal advice. Continue reading

MacLaughlin To Step In As PEI Premier, Get Out of The Way or Get a Life, Vote Wade

As we suggested the other day, Wade MacLaughlin will step into the role of PEI Premier and  it appears there will be no contest. The present Cabinet Ministers have agreed not to contest MacLaughlin, he arranged to make his announcement on Friday morning. MacLaughlin is from Island Patrician pedigree, Order of Canada Recipient, recently retired as President of UPEI, where he never got along with Robert Ghiz or Alan Campbell. Continue reading

Exclusive!! PEI Gaming Committee All Members of Charlottetown Gentlemens Club

Connecting dots around the PEI Securities Investigation is dragging all the ‘big tuna’ out into public view, everything was so cosy in Charlottetown. The exposed “Gaming Committee” appointed by Robert Ghiz is composed almost entirely of members from the Private Gentlemens Club at 116 King Street. Mirroring the policy of the private club the gaming committee excludes any women. All the deals in PEI are done at the “Club”. Continue reading

Health PEI Give Souris Short Shrift Again, Kidney Unit Shutdown and at Standstill

Health PEI and Robert Ghiz met tremendous resistance when they tried to shut down the fully utilized kidney unit down in the Souris Hospital.  Community activism in Souris and Alberton  at the same time forced the government to back off the plans, or so it seemed. The Souris unit was shut down after a summer of closure, all the tenders were to high and now nothing is being done. Continue reading

PEI Finance Minister Diverts Atlantic Loto Revenue to Repay MCPEI Gaming Losses

The situation in PEI Gaming at present shows why Judges require agreed statements of facts, the intent to hide the facts by Minister of Finance Wes Sheridan is getting to an unprecedented level. It seems that the loans which Finance PEI extended to the Mi’kmaq Confederacy (MCPEI) are all current according to Minister Al Roaches. Sheridan explained that the revenue stream from Atlantic Lottery Corp. (ALC) can be ‘directed’ by the sitting government, this is how the millions of losses of Public money will be repaid. Continue reading

McInnes Cooper Professional Fees Bonanza, PEI Gaming Initiative Under Mi’kmaq

The Gaming file was said to have over 1.3 million dollars invested, most of it seems to have gone to open chequebook type “Professional Fees”, charged to Prince Edward Island by McInnes Cooper LLP. While we learn more day by day of the gaming initiative, it has been established that three of the six members of the Gaming Committee are McInnes Cooper partners. Continue reading

PEI Mi’kmaq Confederacy As Represented By Who, Don MacKenzie “Start Talking”

The attempts by PEI Finance Minister Wes Sheridan to answer questions oman illusive “Gaming Initiative”, have been futile, it seems Sheridan has misled the Legislature in these matters and the entire file has been dumped into the Mi’kmaq Confederacy lap. Liberal lawyer Don MacKenzie who sits on the “Gaming Committee” is not saying anything about it. Continue reading

Did PEI Premier Robert Ghiz Chief of Staff Commit Securities Fraud? Looks Like It

Questions are piling up, answers are slow to appear in PEI while a Securities Investigation is dragged into review by the Public. Finance Minister Wes Sheridan and Premier Robert Ghiz are at the heart of a complex smoke and mirrors show, created to hide misuse of funds and world trips on the publics money. There is a bigger question, did Ghiz Chief of Staff Chris LeClair committed Securities Fraud? Continue reading

Politicians Lie More Now Than Ever, No Incentive To Tell The Truth

Examples of lies from politicians are everywhere in PEI and across Canada, read Andrew Coyne in the National Post……. No incentive to tell the truth?


Turfed out Conservative Olive Crane Will Join Corrupted PEI Liberals

Olive Crane will announce that she will run for the Liberal party in the next Provincial Election. Will the Liberals allow her to ask the questions which made the Conservatives throw her under the bus as leader and then ultimately out of the party, no never. Olive has a big axe to grind and any good political sense has escaped her.  Continue reading

No Worry of Securities Backlash with Ron McKinley, “He hasn’t got the money”

Things all have a way of naturally sorting themselves out and as the PEI Securities industry unfolds in full public view, horrific facts are coming to light and outstanding careers are being terminated in disgrace. A Securities complaint that began with Eddie Curran and Yousef Hashmi seems to be the basis of a tar and feathering by the Ghiz Securities Commission. Continue reading

Ghiz Appointee Frank Zhou “Business Is About Making Money, not Human Rights”

Premier Ghiz has seemingly designated Frank Zhou and his Sunshine Group the agent for anything PEI that may have China involved in any way. Frank Zhou without any public introduction has become big player in PEI, he was featured in a CBC interview as a spokesperson on behalf of Robert Ghiz immigration programs. Frank was made the intermediary for PNP funds after the PEI Equity Alliance disappeared, he has also been added to the Board of Governors at UPEI. Frank made some things clear in his interview. Continue reading