Ghiz Team Ignore Crisis, ‘Brain Trust’ Scrambles to Gamble, Vegas “Comp Suite”

Maybe it gets brought up during dinner something like this, “Well Daddy has a big crisis on his hands as Premier, so cousin Bill Dow and best pal Brooke MacMillan will arrange a complimentary room in Las Vegas for a gambling junket”.

Robert Ghiz, Bill “the Genius” Dow and Liquor Board CEO will travel to Vegas on Monday to have a gambling vacation. Complimentary rooms are readily provided to “high rollers” like these three stooges. The Ghiz “Brain Trust” will try and decide who to fire next in continued efforts to cover the truth and deny the public any right to know.

Ghiz is embroiled with a Liquor Inspector who would not be intimidated and this will thoroughly destroy any slim chance Ghiz had of jumping on the Ottawa train with the Trudeau team. Ghiz looks more and more like a Alison Redford, a washed up lost cause in self importance and entitlement while squandering the Public funds. Complimentary rooms are ideal to hide whereabouts and expenses.

Good Luck in Vegas to the three stooges and good luck when you get back to face the piper. Beware of the old adage, ” I have travelled to the ends of the earth to escape my troubles, only to find the same monsters sitting at the foot of my bed awaiting my arrival” by Dick Joe Donnie.

The Unknown, Little Known and Why Would Scotiabank Know?

The unknown, known and ‘never gonna be shown’, sometimes collide and that is what happened to Scotiabank in a lawsuit against Red Like Me and Rob McEachern. Scotia McLeod Charlottetown brokers Eddie Curran and Yo-Yo Hashmi claimed they were being defamed and Scotiabank blew one hundred thousand dollars on top lawyers to try and scare Red Like Me out of business with an injunction application at Supreme Court.

Scotiabank, had Borden Ladner Gervais LLP bully and intimidate, but it failed and when it came to the court they asked for adjournment, followed weeks later by a discontinuation. Scotiabank knows the truth about Eddie and Yo-Yo and they know about Eddie getting a big slice of PNP “investments” through political and personal association to Robert Ghiz and his Liberal team of parasites.

The known, unknown and the facts which are never shown. “You’re Richer Than You Think” at Scotiabank, right? If you don’t believe us, just ask Scotiabank.


…….nb……….In the age of big Brands as the greedy Kevin O’Leary would have us believe, if you do not have a Big Brand association, you are a nobody. Red Like Me wants to be the coca cola of truth, see.

Murphy Group Produces Receipts for Liquor Board, Brooke MacMIllan Paper Swap


On December 17th, 2013 the Liquor Commission had a booze party at Sims Steakhouse. Robert Ghiz was getting loaded with some of his friends. At the end of the night Ghiz went into the private room where Brooke and Co were all getting drunk. He said it was nice to see his “leadership campaign team” again. Several staff heard this little speech. When it was over either Brooke or Hector MacLeod told the waitress to put Ghiz’s tab on the Liquor Commission bill.
So a freedom go information request was submitted to clarify the Liquor Board billings and it is alarming what was found……….
The Liquor Commission has three “receipts” for December 17th 2013 from Sims. The first is for $480 and was supposedly a lunch meeting with Labatt beer reps. They don’t have a real receipt for this, but an invoice from Kevin Murphy’s head office. Then at 2:47pm that day they have a real Sims receipt for $101.50 for a “management function.” Then they had their $2,000 booze party that night. Again, no receipt, but a “shipping invoice” from Kevin Murphy’s head office. Many unknowns here and of course the Murphy Group and Murphy prepaid cards have been an established way for Ghiz and his team to loot 2014 Celebration funds.
The “invoice” is dated Dec 17th from Kevin Murphy’s head office… which would have closed at 5pm and this party was after 5pm. So they generated an invoice, to the penny, before they knew how thirsty Brooke was feeling that night? Brooke MacMillan is not only a favourite partisan hack buddy of Ghiz and Murphy, he is also a magician at disappearing while his pockets are stuffed with public money. Funny eh?
These invoices are fakes. That’s punishable by a fine up to $10,000 under Section 75 of the FOIPP Act. Someone is asking the Information and Privacy Commissioner to impose a  fine on Brooke and a  fine on Hector, these documents are fakes, or the real Sims receipts were destroyed after  requested.
There are now several allegations that Brooke and Hector have been creeping out the Freedom Of Information applicant.
One last part of the story. Andrew MacMillan is an executive at the LCC. His twin brother Craig MacMillan is the General Manager of Sims. Andrew eats at Sims regularly and the receipts I have show that while he’s there on official business Sims gives him a 20% discount. So Kevin Murphy’s company is essentially bribing the Liquor Commission? It’s totally inappropriate. Somebody asked the Auditor General’s Office to investigate.

Premier of PEI, Spoiled Child Gone Mad on Entitlement and Outrageous Debt

While the local media in PEI deliberate about the lack of any “Legacy” buildings or assets from the 2014 waste of 29 million dollars of Public Money they deliberately ignore the “Legacy” of Robert Ghiz which has been overbearing and unmentioned, Public Debt.

CBC had a call for “bold vision” submissions from the public and Ghiz is hosting a “bold vision” conference with the Celebrate 2014 funds but there is no mention of the overwhelming debts which Ghiz has racked up. The “Bold Reality” is there has been little vision ever employed by PEI Provincial Premiers and Ghiz is the worst ever.

It took 140 years to hit 1 Billion Public Debt in Prince Edward Island and Robert Ghiz is pushing it up to 3 Billion in 7 years, this is the Ghiz “Legacy”, it is disgusting. The debt causes no shame to Premier Robert Ghiz who is now hallucinating that he is an “Elder Statesman”, in Canada. Ghiz just hosted the Premiers Conference and solicited one half million dollars in Corporate Donations (formerly known as Payola).

Ghiz sold a Provincial PNP Intermediary, Frank Zhou his house and he bought a house from Tim Banks who gets millions in contracts, as well as borrows millions from the Province. Ghiz and the Charlottetown chauvinist pig elites operate between Fanningbank (the Lieutenant Governors Public provided home) and The Gentlemens Club ( a private club where women are only allowed in while stripping and dancing naked.

Alberta Premier Alison Redford was ousted for her entitlement issues and wasteful spending of public money. PEI is a two class state run by an elite class that includes the two political parties and virtually every law firm and accounting practice. The Lieutenant Governor, the Guardian and CBC Charlottetown all join in with Ghiz.

The Teachers, Healthcare Workers, Veterans Affairs Department, Summerside Tax Centre along with the 50 workers at CBC control the voting and could care less about the poor. “Rack up the Debts on the Public Purse, enrich friends and damn the Poor”, the Ghiz “Legacy”.

PEI Liquor Board CEO Tries Firing Inspector After Premier Ghiz “Busted” and Bullying

There is a very “private” and exclusive club in Charlottetown off Great George Street, “The Gentlemens Club”, has over 200 members and not one woman. No women are allowed as members or visitors,  unless they have been brought in as strippers for the “Gentlemen”. Male strippers are also brought in for the gentlemen. The club is well known for years , you must be invited in and sponsored for review before accepted as a member.

Drinking, gambling, playing billiards and smoking cigars is the regular routine at the club, which is frequented by all the Political elite of the Ghiz Liberals and also many Conservatives, there are no poor people allowed at any time. About 2 months ago a PEI Liquor Inspector went into the Club to take a look around as a regular inspection. The Club was busy and many of the members were smoking cigars in the establishment which is against the Public Places Free Smoke Act. The members claimed they were free from the Act but the Inspector stood his ground, it is a publicly licensed establishment, private or not and there is no smoking allowed, the inspector wrote up the citation. Then Robert Ghiz the Premier of PEI started to bully, threaten and intimidate the inspector which is also against the law. The Inspector wrote up an additional citation naming Premier Robert Ghiz for intimidating the Inspector in the commission of his duties.

Liquor Board CEO Brooke MacMillan tried to fire the inspector and erased the records of the infractions which are normally published for Public review. MacMillan is the Deputy Minister who gave himself PNP money and Ghiz asked him to give half back. Rules can be broken by Robert Ghiz quite frequently and with little shame. Ghiz even threatened to fire an elected MLA’s wife for tough questions in the Legislature.

Twitter and social media are fluent with the Gentlemens Club. Regular attendees and high roller gamblers include Lieutenant Governor Frank Wright, Premier Ghiz, Brooke MacMillan, Billy “the Genius” Dow and many Conservative hacks as well but no women.

Naturally the Opposition, the Guardian and the Charlottetown CBC are ignoring the story. If you don’t believe us, just ask Scotiabank. More to follow……



But Wait Mr. Harper, Senator Duffy Has More

Senator Mike Duffy suggested he is eager to get in front of a Judge and clear his name, extraordinary efforts have been made to destroy everything about the man. The Prime Ministers Office has been the prominent meddler in the Duffy basting, Harper and his office are about to feel the boomerang effect.

Senator Duffy has had a difficult past year inside and outside the Senate and he would like to get these “matters” sorted out. “There is more, Ladies and Gentlemen”, Duffy assured the Senate in one his last speeches there.

It seems that Duffy will do more damage to Harper than Mulcair and Trudeau combined.

Awareness is the Absolute Prerequisite for “Bold Vision” 2014, PEI Conference

Awareness is the first step and initial requirement for change or vision, without solid, realistic awareness, the vision is only a dream or maybe a fantasy. The Celebration 2014 program is hosting a conference of 24 women who have been selected to participate in a “Bold Vision 2014″.

There have been some great people invited and we hope they can offer up more vision than the CBC radio contest in Charlottetown. Unlimited variations of visions of sugar plums and utopian society were “envisioned” and submitted to win a ticket to the conference valued at over one thousand dollars. The Liberal parasites in Charlottetown have the tap turned on full blast for payola during the “conference” which is supposed to be a modern version of the 1864 Charlottetown conference which led to Confederation in Canada in 1867. Liberal appointee at the Confederation Centre of the Arts, Jessie Inman had a several thousand dollar costume made for herself, at the public expense.

Kim Campbell, who was Prime Minister in shambles who never got elected Prime Minister, appointed by the established and known crook, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. When Campbell led the party she lost her own seat and the party was decimated after Mulroney and his entitlements. The only “Bold Vision” Kim Campell had was to have herself photographed in Judicial Robes in cheesy half naked photos, it was absolute rubbish and she was hard suitable for a “sexy” mission of any kind. During the election that she lost I submitted a letter to the Province newspaper,  I was suggesting urine testing for MP’s and thought checking the testosterone levels would prove out that Kim Campbell was only Brian Mulroney in a skirt.

Bravo for “Bold Vision”. George Orwell was a pretty aware visionary and he suggested the future of our Culture could be, “Imagine a Boot stamping on a Human Face forever”. The 1864 Conference of course was all Males and notably over half were Newspaper People. The recent Premiers Conference hosted by Robert Ghiz in PEI had one half million dollars in Corporate Donations, buying influence openly.

Is there a baseline of economic facts and realities for all the Visionaries to start from? There should be or we can expect a bunch of hollow sensationalism?


Maybe Yo-Yo and Scotia McLeod Are In Trouble?

It has come forward that perhaps Yo-Yo Hashmi does not have the level of designation as a Fund Manager which he has intoned he holds. Yo-Yo has been dragged out in the Eddie Curran Scotia McLeod ruckus in PEI.

There may be millions of lost savings under the “Fund Manager” program where the brokerage house will be liable to huge liability. Still waters run deep in backwater PEI and it seems Scotiabank is being dragged into a gutter in the backside of Wall Street, in Charlottetown where they had no idea what was going on.

Eddie brought in the 50 million dollar investment from the PNP “Loot” and nobody in Scotiabank Toronto asked questions as he and his brokers became “Wealth Builders” and “Dream Team Investors”, but nightmares arrived soon after which have all been buried.

There is a lot of bad news to come out very soon. The Ghiz “Team” comes into CLEAR FOCUS. funny eh?

Ghiz Friends Wasted Free Tickets To Shania Twain

After the CBC story explained how Robert Ghiz had acquired 200 VIP tickets to Shania Twain, Ghiz could not give the tickets away. The “secret” plan to use over forty thousand dollars, from the five hundred thousand corporate sponsorships Ghiz solicited from Companies, donations to the Council of Premiers to  buy influence. Tickets for free for special Liberal party hacks.

Ghiz, all his friends and party elites were to enjoy the Shania concert in the VIP tent with free tickets. Free tickets from Premier Payola Funds? Once the story got leaked out on CBC, nobody would attend the concert with Ghiz. Many of the 200 Payola tickets went unused by partisan hacks, ashamed of the “optics”. Some partisan hacks actually scalped some of the tickets.

The disgusting soliciting of donations by Ghiz from Corporations. Judas, a fellow in the Bible, also had a hard time celebrating with his looted bag of silver.

PEI Tourism Claims Benefits Without Accounting or Evidence of Benefit

PEI Tourism Marketing and Communications Director was featured on CBC to speak about benefits without any evidence or any hard numbers to support the increased spending. PEI Tourism is run entirely by Robert Ghiz through his favourite partisan hack David MacKenzie.

Deputy Minister of Tourism, David MacKenzie runs the 2014 Celebration Funds Bonanza in spending 29 million dollars. Ghiz has pushed Brenda Gallant and Penny McGuire Walsh (2014 Money Handouts Director) out in front of the media to promote the same spin, hide any answers. CBC did not ask Gallant any obvious questions while she rambled on with all the wonderful consultant speak.

These spokespersons will look as haggard as Confederation Centre’s Jessie Inman, featured in a several thousand dollar gown made for her by the 2014 funds to celebrate in grand style but looking sickly,tired and gaunt. Inman like the ladies above was appointed to front all the patronage being lathered on the Liberals by Ghiz and MacKenzie. Ghiz just gave Mackenzie a raise of over 50,000.00 dollars (so Ontario doesn’t steal him? the puke)

Ghiz and his team are hiding the numbers. Penny Walsh McGuire could press the print button and show Islanders line by line where all the 29 million went. This will never be voluntarily done although the Public have every right to know the line by line expense, it will be hidden from the Public. The CBC and Guardian do little to investigate any facts which Ghiz and his team seek to ignore.

CIBC Bank In Alberta Premiers Office, Unelected Cabinet Ministers Next?

Jim Prentice is on “temporary leave” from his millions per year position at CIBC, on loan from the Bank to the Province of Alberta to serve as Premier, no less. Prentice easily won the contest on the first ballot even though there were half as many party faithful voting compared to Reford winning three years ago.

Prentice raised a revolting 1.8 million dollars to win the leadership. Harper was the first to congratulate the crowning achievement of his ex Cabinet Minister. Prentice is expected to announce a trimmed down Cabinet and has indicated he may nominate un elected persons as Cabinet Ministers. The Banks are taking clear control of Canada under Harper and Trudeau is not saying a thing about it.

The Alberta Conservatives have been in power for 46 uninterrupted years. Only three other places in the world have longer ruling political parties, China, North Korea and Cuba.

Prentice has to overcome the disgust voters have after seeing the expenses of former Premier Redford who only lasted three years. The enormous spending and entitlements exhibited by Robert Ghiz with his Celebrations 2014, 29 million dollar flop are disgusting Alberta and all the Provinces. Redford never got to the level of partisan patronage that Ghiz enjoys but Ghiz “the elder statesman” was quick to welcome Jim Prentice as a Premier.

Prentice and Ghiz both worked for the banks but Ghiz was a bank teller and Prentice was making millions per year. Canadian Banks spend millions on Canadian Senators who sit on the Boards. “You’re Richer Than They Think”. Peddling Influence? You Bet.

Senior CBC Staff Shuffle Sweeps Charlottetown Sexual Allegations Under Carpet?

Former Maritimes Director for CBC Broadcasting, Mr. Andrew “Tugboat” Cochrane was recently promoted in the ranks and sent to Toronto, after he had been made repeatedly aware of a long history of sexual misconduct allegations in Charlottetown. CBC in PEI has been spending hundreds of thousands in court, one case is against a man in a wheelchair, under the strict control of Donna Allen.

The sexual allegations against a senior CBC radio Producer are well known to the staff who feel disgusted being told to ignore an obvious older sexual pervert preying upon interns on short term contracts. Allen herself quashed the reviews at the Branch level until Cochrane was made aware and began investigating. Did Cochrane help bury the bad news to take advantages of his own career advance?

CBC has installed Denise Wilson as the new Maritimes Director, she has not made a “peep” or tweet about the demoralizing circumstances of Free Press Journalists having to ignore a predatory pervert. Morale ands morals drop in parallel, even at CBC.

All the staff know it, several complaints are matters of public record but it is the old Liberal Ghiz team tactics; Deny, Deflect and Ignore any bad news.

Scotiabank “Stands Pat” in Corrupted PEI Securities Mire, Deny Deflect Ignore

The deny, deflect and ignore strategy seems to be adopted by Scotiabank as they become ever more embroiled in a Securities Industry mess which is damaging the Scotia McLeod Brand internationally. The problem is a bit explosive and seems difficult to diffuse in the absence of any real leadership by Scotiabank CEO Brian J. Porter.

Scotiabank sent Borden Ladner Gervais LLP to PEI to scare the truth out of existence and the expensive effort failed entirely. Wasteful expense of shareholders money on vexatious lawsuits against Free Press are drawing particularly furled eyebrows, looking at Mr. Porter in an immoral and unethical circumstances.

Back pedalling is very tough on the careers of Brand CEO’s. They appear weak and lose shareholder confidence very quickly. The Board is always quick to protect the Brand and revive confidence as is often demonstrated. If a Bank or any major Brand has a couple of bum quarters, the CEO’s head is rolled into the street. If the CEO fails to install confidence then his head is quickly rolled into the street which is most unfortunate for Mr. Porter.

Karma is a Bitch.


Celebrations 2014 Spending Bonanza Was Ghiz Own “Legacy” Design

If the Robert Ghiz Liberal team looks scattered now, you haven’t seen anything yet. There is tensions rising as the feedback from Celebrations spending is a resounding thumbs down. The finger pointing is unanimous, everyone is pointing at Robert Ghiz as the “brainchild” of 2014 spending which he expected to be his “Legacy”, now that he is a ‘Elder Statesman’, apparently he really believes this crap.

Tourism is marginal at best from the spending of 29 million dollars, there are a few statues around and a couple of sensible projects got some of the money, but very little benefit considering Ghiz had to borrow 24 million while the Federal Government contributed 5 million. Celebrations 2014 staff are looking pretty tired already and the questions have only begun. The line by line expenses are being hidden from the Public, the partying is possibly millions over budget. Mr. Horrelt and Ms Walsh McGuire are looking like abused voodoo dolls so soon.

Ghiz Cabinet shuffle may be imminent. Finance Minister Wes Sheridan is only ever seen gambling at Red Shores Casino all summer. Minister of Health Doug Currie is under fire for arranging a high salary job for an ex wife tho lower his alimony expense. Minister’s Alan MacIssac and Alan Roach, Robbie Henderson are all obviously way over their heads in abilities. Departments are being run by the Ghiz Deputy Ministers he has appointed who were also just give 50,000.00 dollar raises no media reported. Check Orders in Council.

Ghiz needs some good news before the Legislature goes back after November, look for a Cabinet shuffle. Where to shuffle is really tough to decide. Richard Brown has been ousted by the Ghiz group although he taught Ghiz most of what he knows. Ghiz should get him back and try to learn much more, perhaps?


Does the PEI Conservative Party Know Where Your Wife Works?

“Where does your wife work”? PEI Premier Robert  questioned James Aylward in a heated debate, eluding to He might have the woman fired. Ghiz later denied it but it was taped in the Legislature and his intentions were very clear. Evidently, wherever your wife works is not so important to the PEI Conservative Party.

Chief advisor to the Conservative Opposition in PEI Michael Drake’s wife works as an executive at MRSB Consulting. MRSB have many “special” projects handed to them by the 5th floor without tenders. MRSB is very accommodating in producing “reports”, which are not really reports by any measure. Is there` no business speak between the man and his wife in two distinctly powerful and influential positions?

The PEI Conservative Party, whoever they are, seldom heard, little seen and entirely disconnected, did not realize they could send a spokesperson for the Party on the cheesy CBC political panel show, hosted by emasculated Matt Rainnie. Wayne Collins jumped onto the show and proceeded to trash the party. Now the Party wants to yank Collins.

Prior to the Political Panel Show, the topics are provided to the 5th floor and they get the new trained barking seal Jordan Brown in to prepare him for the points which Ghiz and his spin team want highlighted. This may also explain why there were no questions about the 500,000.00 dollars of Corporate donations Ghiz solicited for the Premiers Council.

Peter McQuaid has stepped in as the President of the Conservative Party. McQuaid was last in the news when it was shown he had received PNP money for his gas station which his family has operated for the last hundred years. McQuaid claimed he had no idea the money was a tax free handout from the corrupted immigration program and he claimed at the time, “I have instructed my accountant to pay it all back”. That was a great comment for optics but McQuaid was lying. It is highly unlikely he paid anything back as there was no way to do that. Of course McQuaid was Senior advisor to Premier Binns and he comes from a long line of tory Judiciary, his team only started milking the PNP the week before Ghiz got elected with a majority. Ghiz and his team made Binns look like a kid when it came to stealing public program funds.

CBC Hosts Proven Crook and Liar Brian Mulroney to Offer Advice, But Why?

Who gives the microphone to established liar and thief, former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and why does anything he says matter? Mulroney the man who cost Canada millions for slander and was later found to be a crook receiving bags of thousand dollar bills from his weapons dealer friend.

Since office Mulroney has peddled influence at every turn, ingratiating himself as some kind of “old sage” making himself millions from “Consulting”. 30 years ago Mulroney won the biggest majority in Parliament and he betrayed the entire Country. The “Party” was thrown out entirely when Mulroney was finished his looting in office.

Evan Solomon handed his show over to Mulroney so he could blame all the failures of his corrupted regime on Preston Manning. Without challenge Mulroney trumpets on at length about what a great leader he is and his good “instincts”. Treason charges should be brought against former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

Mulroney is a disgrace and CBC should preface his opinions with the facts, he is a crooked politician and got bags of cash for influence which he did not pay taxes on.

Regarding his “sage” advice, remember he is the leader who took the party to the bottom so bad the Conservative Party was destroyed. Preston Manning was the only leader interested in picking up the broken pieces after Canadians were entirely distrusting and disgusted with Mulroney. Mulroney had Pizza brought in to Vancouver with his jet from his favourite Seattle Washington pizza joint. Truly a greedy slob, Brian Mulroney.


20,000 Sign Petitiion to Deny Stephen Harper Nobel Peace Prize

In honour of all his unrestricted support of Israel, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, astonishingly and without shame.

Harper is pushing wages to new lows across Canada with his Temporary Foreign Worker program which major Corporations are using openly as “slavery”.

follow the link to a petition which has mushroomed to 20,000 objections in days……

Poll Shows 80% of Islanders See 2014 Celebrations as “Wasted Funds”

A poll which CBC ran themselves shows over 80% of respondents see the 2014 Celebrations as “wasted funds”. The poll and the entire question was ignored in the Island radio political panel show which was kicked off for a “new season”. Where the money went will never be known.

Celebrations 2014 is filtered through a number of companies the Ghiz team had formed specifically to spend the money and hide where ever it went. MRSB a favourite donor to the Liberal party of PEI was selected, without tender, to audit the effectiveness of the bonanza of spending on partisan hacks.

CBC is really stretching their use of Public funds to pretend to be impartial, try putting any critical comment on any PEI story at the CBC website.