Two Hundred Thousand Tax Free Profit, PEI Premier Sells House Himself

Premier Ghiz took advantage of his Asian connections to somehow sell his house himself. Nobody saw any signs up for sale but the Premier has evidently made a handsome two hundred thousand dollars capital gains tax free, selling his home.

Red Like Me has learned Century 21 may have “missed “out on sales commissions when Robert Ghiz sold his house. Ghiz just bought the former home of local egomaniac, Timmy Banks of APM fame. Now Robert Ghiz lives next door to cousin Bill “the genius” Dow who has completed construction of a palatial mansion with an indoor pool. Local Liberals are referring to the area where the houses are situated as the Gaza Strip.

Red Like Me will contact the PEI Newcomers Association and see if any new newcomers are looking for homes. The Newcomers Director may be able to direct real estate deals. Although real estate in Charlottetown is down 10%, the Premier did very well on his investment and by not using an agent selling or buying, he is making out wonderful.

Although the optics of the Premier dabbling in real estate with the same guy he lends millions of public money to may appear to be a conflict of interest, such conflict is accepted by Islanders.


PEI Minister of Agriculture in Conflict of Interest Meddling in Water Legislation

Minister of Agriculture Of Prince Edward Island, George Webster came out with some of the most revolting spin the Liberals have offered yet since Ghiz came to power, that is saying a lot. In the middle of a very contentious fight for deep water irrigation wells, Webster who is also a french fry grower jumped into the fray.

Webster made outstanding remarks about the water table being fully charged up after the winter snow, he assured Charlottetown there would be no water restrictions this year and he waxed on how he could see water coming out of the ground while driving around. All of the grandiose claims were made in the Liberal rag the Guardian without any challenge.

The Minister did admit there was no empirical evidence to support his assurances and in fact it was not based on any kind of data what soever. The “french fry” growers are pressure they claim to produce a better quality product and they want deep well irrigation in the most marginal of water resources. There have been numerous water experts comment on the devastating effects this requested legislation would cause yet none of them got the prominent coverage in the Guardian that Webster was afforded. PEI is the only province which relies entirely on ground source water, fish kills are as regular as heavy rains as the french fry producers produce “better” produce.

The Minister making such an untoward and incriminating comment while the Department of Environment is making such a critical decision is usually a precursor that the fix is in with the Robert Ghiz Liberal team.

Trudeau New Liberals, Kids in Short Pants Faction Internal Law Suits Already

It appears that the back room of Justin Trudeau is not about to back down after it badgered, smeared and blocked a candidate in a Toronto Liberal Riding. The candidate has filed a defamatory claim against Trudeau and the party for 1.5 million dollars. Justin Trudeau “promised” he would have open candidacy in all ridings.

MP’s are run by the back room or the PMO in Ottawa, these are all the kids in short pants who Mike Duffy was so revolted by while he tried to work with the PMO. The kids in short pants are almost invariably, young, social media savy, x box games savvy, no body muscle mass, no evidence of ever having done a days work and no business experience.

Until Trudeau can learn to get control of himself, the back room will push him, but breaking promises tends to be problematic for the elected. Kids in short pants do not get elected, they tweet about it though. Such is Canadian Politics where elected officials forget the constituents and answer to the party, promises be damned.

Charlottetown MP Sean Casey Watches Gail Shea Remove 14 million EI Benefits

Sean Casey Liberal MP for Charlottetown along with family and friends are large employers of minimum wage workers and Casey has voted against any rise in minimum wages. Casey is an elitist lawyer from the “Jet Set” Stewart McKelvey liberal law firm in back water PEI, he claims he installed Premier Ghiz and the majority Liberals while he was Provincial Party President. He borrowed millions from the PEI Century Fund and made millions in the PNP. Stewart McKelvey is a preferred supplier to the Judiciary in PEI.

Casey has now had his constituents badgered for 14 million dollars of EI benefits which they will not receive next year. The partisan definition of rural and urban is championed by its sole beneficiary Gail Shea. This is the kind of politics which “parties” breed. The same politics the Liberals who now want to be the new liberals of Justin Trudeau. Casey could not care less about the poor and the Liberal party in PEI is similarly vacant.

Charlottetown would elect a dead dog on the Liberal ticket and that is what they have in Sean Casey MP. Justin Trudeau’s hick cousin from the ‘Gentle’ Island, pots and pans from China, Sean Casey. Party politics is failing the maritimes miserably, all federal elected representatives carry central Canada baggage for the party and feed crap to the constituents. Casey, his wife and party for the poor? Right.

Canada’s Poorest Province, Trudeau’s Champion Ghiz Loots Social Services

The Minister of Social Services figures all the poor have been helped and a budget cut is ethical given the lowest support standards in Canada. Just last week Ghiz said he would like to help the poor but he is waiting for Justin Trudeau to become Prime Minister before he will do anything. Ghiz just cut the budget for Social Services in spite of record “intake” of people seeking help.

The level of help is not sufficient to provide adequate housing or food. The cold winter has put additional demands on the poor who must forego food or medications for heat energy. Although a hypocritical platform suggestion to help the poor was presented to Federal Liberals by an identified Island group, Ghiz has done nothing for the poor.

Premier Robert Ghiz removed over 2 million from helping poor and wants them to vote Liberal and wait for Trudeau to come and help. Ghiz has doubled PEI debt while he and his party have ignored the poor and now Trudeau supports Ghiz in the hypocrisy of the “party” ethics, bare faced lying.

MRSB “Study” in PEI, Ruins the Meaning of the Word “Study”

The Auditor General of Prince Edward Island cited the recent Mental Health study commissioned by the Robert Ghiz Liberals, a piece of crap and a waste of funds. The Auditor General is a very classy professional and she was using the most polite disgust. Beyond what the Auditor found, Red Like Me has exposed some of the flimsy “work” done for MRSB for 85,000.00 dollars of precious health care dollars.

According to Serge Serviant, he was the consultant who received half the 85 thousand from MRSB to do the study. He bragged the “study” was only photocopying all the prescriptions of Health PEI and all Islanders with complete disregard for the confidentiality. He quoted an individuals personal history to them while meeting in Ottawa last year.

MRSB confirmed they did not do he study but they were given a name and number of a contact to hire when they got the contract handed to them.

While the prospect of an Accounting firm doing a Mental Health “study” is a bit of a stretch for obvious patronage kickbacks, not in PEI. Party kickbacks and patronage payments are openly recorded for millions.  Serviant claimed MRSB kept 42,500.00 dollars and did nothing. Serviant claimed to get many contracts in this manner through his lawyer uncle Paul Michael. Michael is a Ghiz crony who made millions in the PNP rip off.

The drug use quoted by Serviant would have only been known to a Doctor or dispensary, Messr. Serviant has no medical experience but he operates in concert with the back room of PEI power, according to him. The word “study” has been very badly abused here. Payola is not a “study” but this flagrant behaviour is fostered in PEI where the Emperor has no clothes.

Trudeau PEI Liberals, Defiant Sense Of Entitlement Sank Alberta Premier

In an ever abundance of political entitlement examples across Canada, lavish personal luxury at the publics expense is out of control. Tolerance of entitlement varies from Province to Province but the disgust is growing across parties and every level of elected office countrywide. In PEI it is very common to spend over 250,000.00 dollars on office renovations, as CEO of Liquor Board Brooke MacMillan and former Minister Carolyn Bertram have both seen fit to attend to. Alberta are witnessing similar excess in the review of the Premier who has been trashed and thrown out of office by her own party.

Evidently, many elected Canadians believe the huge budget they command is their own money or more so found money, which they spend like drunken sailors or heirs of fortunes.  Established business leaders who go into public office, like Danny Williams of Newfoundland, have accepted no pay to set some example in public service. Naturally the people who build and earn wealth seldom waste it on self indulgent renovations. Allison Redford not to be outdone by PEI nobodies, was building a million dollar penthouse atop of a government building. Redford had her assistant slip the project into a government building renovation which is millions over budget and a year late.

Crown corporations harbour drunken sailor spenders, like Brooke MacMillan in PEI. These political hacks are appointed for “party” service reward which more often than not is a tenure position of excessive pay and benefits which the recipient, invariably, would never enjoy in the private sector. Party patronage expenses in PEI are over 200 million dollars per year and in Canada it is billions.


CBC Executive Suite Escapes Cuts, Fumbling Along Wasting Money

The cuts at CBC did nothing to the overpaid and talent depleted executive suite at the broadcaster. Clearly, Herbert Lacroix has been asleep at the wheel, his director of English programming jumped on the national radio providing ample evidence that she is a moron. The cuts are happening at the wrong end of the corporation, the ass is fine. Heads must roll.

CBC has refused to show where the money goes for years, all top “celebrity” contract’s are hidden from public view, for “privacy” reasons naturally. Lacroix is destroying a publicly funded institution in public, while Mansbridge, Gomeshi, Stephen and Chris et all all enriched far beyond the level of pay they ever would receive “privately” with public funds. Beyond the terrible corporate performance, Herbert was found in audits for double dipping living expenses for years for 40,000.00 dollars. He reluctantly paid the money back and the corporation considers the matter closed. Herbert circumstances were identical to Mike Duffy except there was no CBC coverage of the CEO of CBC Herbert. funny eh?

The CBC will continue to crumble because it has failed to reach out or listen to Canadians while staff are entitled idealist Liberal navel gazers, all dearly wanting a Trudeau second coming.

CBC Charlottetown Continues Expensive Vexatious Lawsuit In Spite of Cuts

CBC just announced over 600 job cuts and remarkably none will be no cuts in PEI where there are over 50 on staff and annual budget about 10 million. Donna Allen runs the news out post with Castro like control. She is immersed in a very vexatious lawsuit  about discrimination against a man in a wheel chair. The legal bill with hack Halifax lawyer Parish is over 80,000.00 dollars, looks like it may cost millions to settle. The suit continues.

Herbert Lacroix the CEO of CBC himself was discovered in identical circumstances to defamed Senator Mike Duffy. Herbert, a lawyer, had been found in audits to double dip expense claims over years for over 40,000.00 dollars in fraudulent claims. Herbert reluctantly repaid the money 6 months later and CBC journalists consider the matter closed. No national media covered the scandal because everyone wants a job at CBC someday.

Although Herbert himself may be the single largest factor in CBC collapse, hockey revenue terminated. Not  just reduced but terminated because the CBC executive suite are a bunch of Liberal partisan hacks, no records of any personal success in any such corporation which would entitle any of them to be there in the job. Much like many of the militant union demands made by the “Guild” Set.  Bye CBC.

Roots of partisan nature to CBC back water PEI seem deep, or Allen gets the axe next, huh?