How Robert Ghiz Sold His House, We Can Only Guess

The Premier of PEI is a really busy guy, he has doubled the debt of the Province and how he sold his personal home without advertising or a real estate agent, well, we can only guess. Details of a private sale are not available and since Ghiz became Premier public accounts are all private too.

Suppose a few possible explanations;

1. An Asian fella roaming the neighbourhood of Brighton liked the Feng Shui of the home and stuffed a brown envelope full of money through the mail slot. It was to much to refuse and it was a cash offer, what can a guy do? Ghiz is a chatty fella and always connects with people on a very personal level.

2. He did not have anything to do with the sale as he let his wife handle it, he is so busy managing the Province. Loving couples often lean on one and other like this, often the women handle the cash if the fella has a gambling fixation.

3. Craig Mackie, the fired station manager of CBC, who became the director of the Newcomers Association (funded from PNP Slush), maybe interviews any prominent new arrivals and saw a chance to pay back the favour, since Ghiz hired him. All new arrivals are told the way it is and where to eat at Murphy Group and how to vote Liberal indeed. Prospects of opportunity are gleaned by the Liberal Machine.

4. Maybe he won a bunch of money gambling and Tim Banks had to give him his house, so he never sold the house but rents it or lends it out to newcomers recommended by Mackie.

5. A newcomer (from away naturally) misdialed the phone and called the Ghiz residence by mistake, when trying to call Century 21 (they feel bumped off a commission for some reason). Robert may have answered the phone and chatted his way to the sale of his house with a perfect stranger. Perfect Stranger in the equation some how for sure.

I suppose or supposition there may be a reasonable explanation which Robert is just to busy to offer and of course it is a private matter. We welcome any readers here to submit their own sense of the scenario.

Charlottetown McDonalds Has Temporary Foreign Workers Too

While CBC GO Public is exposing temporary foreign workers in McDonalds across Canada, there are temporary foreign workers at Charlottetown McDonalds right across the street from CBC PEI.  McDonalds confirmed today to Red Like Me that they do have a number of TFW and then realized what they had offered, refusing to give any more details other than there a quite a few.

Red Like Me suggests that CBC News Director Donna Allen go there to smell the coffee before she is the next person to get fired at CBC. If you watch CBC office you will see CBC vehicles driving back and forth to Tim Hortons all day long. Tim Hortons must have a few TFW but this issue is untouched by CBC Charlottetown.

Charlottetown is the highest unemployment in Canada but companies like McDonalds, Seafood Express, Bulk Carriers, Vanco, Mussel King in Morrel are all getting TFW because they never say no and are always polite for less pay. This would help explain why there are 20 qualified applicants to every job posted in PEI. These Bastards will not hire Canadians.

If CEO,SNC Lavalin Sold House to Harper Would Trudeau Ask Questions?

SNC Lavalin is the engineering overseer of anything the Federal Government does which requires engineering support. In PEI the same role is given over to APM construction, they are the consultants on all publicly funded construction. If the CEO of Lavalin sold his house to Harper “privately”, would Trudeau be screaming about it? If Harper sold his old home to a recent immigrant without any advertising or any real estate agent involved, what would Trudeau say?

Trudeau’s champion in PEI, Premier Robert Ghiz did just sell his family home to a recent immigrant without advertising or a real-estate agent. The island Premier also bought a home from Tim Banks, the CEO of APM, “privately”. Bad Optics? Also Banks has borrowed millions from the province, received million dollar grants and sacks of PNP loot.

Ghiz wants to run in the federal election and replace Lawrence MacAulay as an island hack on the liberal ticket. Where is Trudeau on the house deal which Banks and Ghiz made. This is the behaviour that reduced the Liberals to third party status and the antics will only increase with the “new” liberals of Trudeau.

PEI 2014, Conflict Between Vice and Virtue Was Never Grimmer

2014 Celebrations, which are huge wastes of public monies for navel gazing and promoting Liberal mantras while handing money to friends of Robert Ghiz. PEI just announced it will pay 250,000.00 dollars for the Shania Twain concert out od 2014 funding. The conflict between vice and virtue was never grimmer. Ghiz has doubled the debt and leads the highest unemployment in Canada.

Minister of Tourism Robbie Henderson jumped up right away to defend such a waste of money in entertainment. “We will get that money back in taxes on ticket sales”. But the taxes on ticket sales are supposed to be revenue to pay for government obligations where the Ghiz team is failing. Henderson illustrates the childish views of finance so often exhibited since Ghiz was elected, we can rob Peter to pay Paul and still have lost a quarter million dollars which is when th Public is robbed.

2014 Celebrations advertising on the local radio assure the celebrations will lead to PEI’s prosperous economic future, much like propaganda. The celebration money is being splurged like drunken sailors, which is all the discretion PEI Liberal Ghiz team have ever demonstrated.

Premier Ghiz May, Might, Maybe Publish Scorecard, “Who Knows”

With a lot of bumbling and fumbling and all the hallmarks of a politician waffling, Premier Ghiz demonstrated again he will stifle a review or “report card”, on his “Prosperity Strategy”.

The Prosperity Strategy is a shameful waste of 200 million dollars that the Liberal team refuse to report on and they do not even dare mention it. The “Strategy”, authored by partisan hack Michael Mayne who is remarkably considered the Ghiz team “brainchild”. Mayne predicted the strategy would raise PEI wages above that of Alberta by 2014, in his fabulous hallucinations published in 2008.

The Strategy also called for openness, accountability and a “report card”, none of which ever materialized although the Province is out  200 million dollars. Outside the Legislature Ghiz stated “Might be a good idea to review”, “maybe”, “may” “we do reviews (internally?) all the time”, “It will come out in bits and pieces”, “Who knows, maybe we have the information we could put together sometime”, between a lot of “Ums” and “Ahhs”.

In the circumstances of the failed plan should Michael Mayne be fired? Anyone who ever produced such crap in the private sector would be demoted or fired. That would be the first sign of accountability which any “Leader” would make.

The above link shows how Michael Mayne’s wife was handed contract from Ghiz team.



Show Harper What He Can Expect, Boycott McDonalds in Canada Right Now

Canadians do not have to wait till the next election to show their disgust with Harpers programs, first National Boycott target is McDonalds Restaurants. The Prime Minister has dislodged Canadians through his Foreign Worker program. The program is abused by the employers and the federal government. It is all about increasing profit by severely lowering wages.

Bulk Carriers in PEI refer to the foreign workers as paid slaves; they never refuse to work, they live in the truck they drive and they are paid ten dollars per hour. It is a bit of a stretch to blame only the employers because the Federal government have done little or nothing to curb abuse.  Jason Kenny stated “employers can be charged with fraud, but why aren’t they charged?

Seafood Express and Bulk Carriers trucking firms in PEI only hire foreigners, the trucks rarely see PEI and the drivers live in the truck, never refuse a trip and they never say no. Poor devils are slaves who want freedom and hope to get immigrant status after their abusive introduction to Canada.

Boycott McDonalds right now, they are abusers of the program, let Harper Know you want Canadians working first.

The Guise of Poetry, UPEI Professor Wants to Be a Phallic Poem

“Doctor” of Education, assistant Professor Sean Wiebe of UPEI posted a video on his You Tube channel declaring he would like to be a phallic poem, if he was a poem.

Is this art? Literature? Poetry? Are these the kind of concepts imparted to UPEI students? Is this higher learning or just a pervert protected by shallow academic ethics at UPEI? Perhaps tolerance has overcome good taste or sound morals at the Institution which is over budget and recruiting is failing miserably.

The President of UPEI remains after a secret deal was made, where the particulars of sexual misconduct have been hidden in a publicly funded institution. Convicted fraudster Professor Sean Hennessy remains too, after being found guilty of fraud and tax evasion.

Trudeau tells PEI Premier Ghiz, Do Something About Your Poor, Quick

PEI Premier Robert Ghiz after ignoring the poor in the Province since being elected has done a sudden about face. Last week Ghiz looted the Social Services funds and lowered the budget for this year. PEI has the highest unemployment in Canada.

Justin Trudeau wants to get elected as Prime Minister and the dismal performance of Ghiz in helping the poor is a sore spot for the Federal Liberal election plans. Yesterday Ghiz sent out his Minister of Social Services to announce they will help the poor in a few weeks. Help the poor for political gain, not because you genuinely care about their plight.

Federal Liberals adopted a plank for the election campaign to help the poor. The suggestion came from of all places, PEI, where Ghiz could care less about the poor and he does not personally know any poor people in PEI. The Ghiz Liberals handed out 500 million to friends and never gave the poor a dime.

Helping the poor is particularly fashionable in getting elected. This does give Islanders some hope, perhaps the reckless Ghiz must answer to someone, his political future is directly attached to the backside of Justin Trudeau. The revolting nature of getting votes.

Ontario Liberals Adopt Wes Sheridan “Made in PEI Solution” Double Provincial Debt

The elusive “made in PEI solution”, which Finance Minister of PEI is always talking about seems to be found and adopted by Ontario Liberals under Kathleen Wynne. Like PEI, Ontario Liberals are doubling the provincial debt.

It took over 100 years for PEI provincial debt to hit 1 billion dollars but Sheridan and Ghiz doubled the debt to over 2 billion in 6 years. Ontario has yet to hit such lows but the Liberal team there will have the debt doubled in about 7 years.

Congratulations Wes Sheridan you have assured your place in history as the most debt compounding Minister of Finance in Canada. Such actions as doubling your debt is not really a solution but it is the only example of Sheridan which any other jurisdiction adopted.

Who Fired Gerry at PEI Confederation Centre? Closing Library for Office Space

It seems apparent that Confederation Centre has some very swollen heads running the facility. Since Jesse Inman took over as CEO, a position which her only qualifications were political connections to the Ghiz Liberals.

Inman wants to shut down the library at the centre and make the space into her own offices. Morale is destroyed at the facility, and Gerry got fired after decades there. When you asked for anything, Gerry was the guy to make it happen.

Inman probably does not understand the history of the Centre. It was a gift from Canada for Confederation. Morons in CEO position appointments, like Inman can ruin everything. Inman did see fit to travel to Alexandria, Egypt at great luxury and expense to give a speech at a climate conference. Inman gave a “presentation” on the effects of Global Warming and how it affects Anne of Green Gables.

Maybe the CEO of Confederation Centre does not realize Anne of Green Gables is a figment of imagination from over 100 years ago. What about Gerry? These appointees think nothing of destroying a career of a Man while they close the library to make new offices for herself? Funny Eh?