Criminalizing Criticism Of Israel In Canada, from Netanyahu’s Best Friend, Steve Harper

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Does Canada really belong on this path of development. There is no mainstream reporting of this Harper bill on its way to become law. While it is easy to slam and trample all over Roman Catholics, other religious beliefs are unmentionable in the News.

Farmer Coffee Talk , Big Showdown for “Fly Boy” John at Reddin Farm Equipment

Farmers always have the best gossip for a number of reasons, they are all practical thinkers and always give ample consideration to business while driving back and forth on the tractors, I suppose. A couple of farmers suggested that maybe nothing runs like a deer but heir apparent to Reddin Farm Equipment, Johnny “Fly Boy” Reddin maybe looks like a deer in the headlights.

According to farmer sources, former credit manager of Reddin Farm Equipment, Daryl Baird was locked out of the company many months ago. There is a credit report out showing Baird is on the hook at Reddin for 660,000.00 dollars. Baird was a very mean credit guy according to several sources, he would threaten a judgement when you were 1 month behind after years of business. Credit Managers learn to work with the farmers but Baird never did, “mean as cat shit” said the old John Deere user, farmer.

Reddin is another next generation rich kid who hangs with all the local all stars like Mark Rodd and Robert Ghiz and plays cards at Fanningbank, connected Liberal. The farmers say that if Baird does get get forgiven on the six hundred and sixty thousand he will sing about millions of book work. Funny eh?

Atlantic Loto To Look at Online and Offshore Gaming To Support Swollen Ranks

Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC), who manage all the provincial lotteries for Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Market share is dwindling and offshore gaming is taking a larger chunk of online gambling.

ALC offers entry level gambling games which have little hope of pay outs like on line poker. The ALC is a bunch of appointed political partisan hacks who lavish money and expense o themselves at enormous rates of pay. The overhead of such an incapable bunch of rascals alone eliminates the ALC from competing in any free market.

PEI has invested heavily in offshore gambling, the results have been terrible and the investment has not been reported to the public by Robert Ghiz, as required by the PEI Securities Act on Public Investments. Strangely there is 20% of the shareholders in partnership with the Province and their names are all secret.

The Public of PEI deserve a full and accurate accounting of the gambling file Ghiz has invested in. Ghiz has spent over 1 million on legal opinions, there is no end in sight to expenses. The Gambling case hitting the courts here may show some horrible facts.

Scotiabank Legal Mauling Of PEI Blogger Takes A Hefty Toll

Red Like Me has managed the difficulties in derailing  Scotiabank claims against the Blog and Rob McEachern for defamation. In the present circumstances where Scotiabank has asked for an adjournment, there are a number of legal issues evident.

David DiPaolo of Borden Ladner Gervais, from Toronto was appearing before Justice Wayne Cheverie in Charlottetown Supreme Courts last Thursday. Prior to that day, DiPaolo was seeking an immediate and “overreaching” injunction against Red Like Me and Rob McEachern. Mr DiPaolo was demonstrating the unlimited resources of a giant brand like Scotiabank stamping any dissenter out of existence, legally. DiPaolo was screaming for an immediate injunction but when I showed up in Court unexpected, he wants an adjournment.

The pathetic excuse for this unreasonable delay is that Mr. DiPaolo has acquired information about Red Like Me sources which will have bearing in the trial. Well its funny how many lawyers have approached Red Like Me since DiPaolo showed up. These do not seem to be the typical ambulance chaser sorts of lawyers.

Some lawyers advise we should seek damages equal to the Scotiabanks CEO salary amount, seems like a reasonable equation. Risk your level of salary Sir, at least, if you are going to send some lapdog like DiPaolo to smear Rob McEachern the Red Like Me Brand. That makes sense, you want to inflict damages and waste shareholders money, wear it Mr. Brian J Porter, CEO, Scotiabank.

Open Request to Minister of PEI Tourism, Please Provide The Facts on Crowbush

While PEI has been losing millions operating its golf courses there has been effort to sell the operations. Minister of Tourism Robert Henderson has provided a number of explanations about the most recent collapsed sale of The Links At Crowbush. None of the explanations add up and there are numerous questions looming.

The presentations made by Minister Henderson were clearly false, in a number of “facts” which he provided. Ghiz in the meantime has used the Mill River Resort last month for an expense paid caucus retreat. The Golfing and Drinking bash hosted by Ghiz was shrouded within 2014 Celebration expense funds.

The cost of “professional fees” in the collapsed Crowbush sale is over 600,000.00 dollars

Did Shawn and Danny Murphy Get The Million Dollar Kiss From Phillip Watts?

The Phillip Watts disaster story is yet to be told, another train wreck in PEI Securities Industry, cropping up everywhere. The Phillip Watts story seems to involve Lieutenant Governor Frank Lewis and perhaps former MP Shawn Murphy and his brother Danny as victims. According to Red Like Me sources each Murphy boy lost a million dollars. It seems investors put up 20-25 million, the money was invested in Hong Kong Markets and grew to over 100 million supposedly. Every dime was lost and there is no chance of recovery.

Are crappy investments the stock of trade in PEI Securities? Crappy advice seems easily available from professionals, for instance; Scotiabank just paid over 20,000.00 dollars per day to Borden Ladner Gervais to bring great shame on their brand. Borden Ladner Gervais, Partner, David DiPaolo just committed an act of legal self defecation in PEI Supreme Court. DiPaolo may have cut the Brands throat prior to an even bigger trial coming up any day in PEI.

Maybe Frank Lewis and the Murphy boys can speak to Premier Ghiz about the PEI Securities Industry and its current train wreck condition?


Questions Which Robert Ghiz Refuses to Answer

The local media seem sedated on Celebration 2014 and there is no pressure on the Robert Ghiz team while they blow 29 million dollars on Liberal elite and drive over the poor.

Red Like Me gets lots of questions submitted, so we put together a few for Robert Ghiz and we would like to bring them to the attention of Mr. Justin Trudeau for comments.

1. How did you sell your house without an agent?

2. Where is the list of investments you have made, as required under Securities Act?

3. Is it cool that you buy a house from Tim Banks while he has millions of dollars of relationships with the province, particularly loans of millions recently?

4.How much did you spend at Mill River at the three day Golf Drunken Caucus party last month?

5. Will you show any leadership in addressing the millions lost in PEI Securities?


We look forward to your earliest response to these matters, thanks eh?

Is The Newspaper Boy A Wealth Builder?

In securities speak your newspaper boy, through the delivery of your subscription is maybe a wealth builder entitled to a reasonable commission for any profit you make from the knowledge you gain in reading the newspaper. The newspaper boy is delivering the most up to date information in broadsheet format, the information enriches so why is a little commission seem offensive.

“Wealth Builders” at Scotia McLeod and the “Dream Team” Investment Group have made a large business of selling subscriptions to New York based hedge fund investments, extracting a fortune and sporty cars in commissions. Red Like Me submits that some of these securities professionals are “Souped Up Paperboys” at best. Yes, all dreams are not nice, a nightmare experience will unfold to behold, in PEI Supreme Courts.

Is a Bank Teller suitable to manage a billion dollar budget? By all forms of measure and given the circumstances, we know to well, the answer is No. Wesley will be prominent in the upcoming matters at Sir Louis Davies safe house.

CBC Charlottetown Ignores Millions of PEI Securities, What About Phillip Watts

The PEI media continue a cosy relationship with the Liberal and CBC PEI is ignoring the millions of dollars of lost investments within the securities industry in little old Charlottetown.  CBC and the Guardian both ignored Scotiabank and the failed smear campaign against Rob McEachern and Red Like Me. Maybe Donna Allen, the news director could set a few journalists upon the messy PEI Securities shams.

Sitting Lt. Governor Frank Lewis who likes to drink and gamble almost daily throughout the 2014 Celebrations he is hosting at Fanningbank, with elite Liberal hacks. Lewis gambled on schemes in the markets and was one of the over 30 victims of Mr. Phillip Watts who perhaps lost about 100 million dollars in get rich quick schemes based on emerging markets funds in China. CBC and the Guardian will not touch these stories, but why not.

Maybe as Robert Ghiz has increased the debt by billions, Islanders do not think that 100 million dollars of lost savings is very much?

A major showdown is setting up in PEI Supreme Courts over lots of money. Its quite troubling that CBC is mired in a lawsuit against Stephen Pate rather than being involved in reporting news. CBC PEI sat out on the TFW’s who were making their coffee for 3 months while CBC in Vancouver exposed the TFW scam so prevalent on PEI with Liberal hacks.

Scotiabank Malicious Unrestrained Attack On Blogger Derailed by Truth

There is a lot more to the saying, “the truth hearts”, particularly when Scotiabank retained Canada’s largest law firm, to unleash an attack at every level possible by   high priced legal hack and an unlimited budget. Having prevailed after weeks of vindictive and malicious action against Red Like Me and Rob McEachern it is somewhat encouraging but there are damages everywhere, clearly. Defending the truth against such monsters can be exhausting.

Scotiabank probably spent over 50,000.00 dollars in the last few weeks trying to scare Red Like Me into silence, the truth hearts. The truth is really going to heart where it counts for Scotiabank, shareholders disgust with needy pigs managing the brand and bullying the Courts of Canada. While Scotiabank spends over 600 million advertising “You’re Richer Than You Think”, mantra, they also spend millions buying influence directly from sitting Canadian Senators.

The truth hearts, indeed. Neither Harper or Trudeau are barking at the banks because they are both spineless lap dogs for the banks.

Robert Ghiz Cannot Stop The Party Leaks Gushing Everywhere

The Robert Ghiz situation room is very tense of late as information leaks from the 5th floor sanctum continue to disgrace the Premier. PEI Premier Ghiz is busy spending 28 million dollars celebrating 2014 but nobody looks very happy at the 5th floor headquarters. The millions being spent is outrageous, throwing money into the wind.

When Burton Cummings played at the “Celebration Zone”nobody was able to explain why it was ‘Manitiba Week’ or what Manitoba week was supposed to mean. Local liberal print shop has had a great time printing signs which are plastered everywhere in the Celebration Zone, a free concert area in Charlottetown. Similarly at the Confederation Centre, the CEO Jessie Inman was attempting to gloss over pathetic attendance figures with indiscernible answers in some kind of code language. CBC’s Sara Fraser had to ask several times, “What does that Mean”, to Inmans scatter brain answers.

Celebrations is boosting alcohol consumption among the Liberals of PEI as free booze is available everywhere. Prepaid cards for Murphy Group slop joints have been acquired by every excuse 2014 Celebrations Director Penny Walsh McGuire can imagine. Prepaid cards were handed out to the 5th floor by gambling contractors but the free booze took it toll. Chris LeClair a regular on pre paid Murphy cards for years just went into rehab in Ontario.

LeClair is embrolied in another Scotiabank court action in Charlottetownwhich we expect will unfold over the next few days, the case features an all star cast including Wes Sheridan, Chris LeClair and the wealth builders from ScotiaMcLeod.

While Ghiz frets about 5th floor leaks he should be aware that most secrets of sloppy corruption are handed out by kids, to people of authority, like Red Like Me, an upstart authority on PEI Corruption and Whistle blower services for Canadians. funny eh?

Did Borden Ladner Gervais Just Lose Scotiabank Book of Business?

It was just one of those things, you know, when you have everything perfectly arranged but nothing goes right, the mornings champions are destroyed before evening. Borden Ladner Gervais partner, David DiPaolo, flew down to Charlottetown to quash and destroy a back water blogger causing some problems for the image of the almighty Scotiabank.

DiPaolo attacked Whistle Blower blog Red Like Me much like a junk yard dog, full force, all teeth and not much thought. DiPaolo had been using his tough boy Toronto tactics, costing Scotiabank shareholders a fortune and failing miserably. Seeking an immediate and overreaching injunction against Red Like Me and Rob McEachern for defamation. DiPaolo was unable to install any fear in McEachern but asserted he had information about sources which was yet another hapless attempt at fear.

Perhaps DiPaolo had one of those, “Well you didn’t tell us that”, the line that lawyers use, before they unload excuses why they have lost. Losing against a back woods hick when you are one of the largest banks in the world can be very tough, it upsets the brands managers.

Scotiabank got dragged into a fight against truth which they have denied at every step while DPaolo tries everything he can to smear McEachern and try to scare Red Like Me away. Scotiabank Board of Directors will review the throat slitting performance on the brand by DiPaolo in his rabid attempt to beat up some hick blogger.

Scotiabank shareholders will be very disheartened and so will the partners at Borden Ladner Gervais once they understand DiPaolo and his half baked bully boy plans, cost the “firm”, the biggest book of legal business in Toronto. Nice try DiPaolo, good luck.


Borden Ladner Gervais Sends Smearer To PEI For Scotiabank

Smear tactics, in wide use across PEI by the Robert Ghiz Liberal team are now being imported from Canada’s largest law firm, as David DiPaolo of Borden Ladner Gervais represents Scotiabank and Scotia McLeod. The mire in the Pandora’s Box of the Prince Edward Island Securities industry is causing much concern and many lawsuits. The same parties in the Red Like Me case are involved in at least one other Securities case before PEI courts.

Scotiabank and Scotia McLeod have become embroiled in a catastrophic series of mishaps which are beginning to pile up in the court. Last week DiPaolo made urgent requests for outrageous demands on the Courts of PEI. The “Toronto Big Shot” is similar to the lowest skill levels of PEI lawyers, smear the opposition. DiPaolo accused Rob McEachern of stalking his clients and acted like a little child asking for a Sherrif to escort him out of the PEI Court House. Is there something in the water, up there,  in Trawna?

DiPaolo tried to effect a slam dunk seeking an court injunction hoping Rob McEachern would be absent, however once McEachern showed up DiPaolo suggested they wanted an adjournment. Scotiabank wants to use the court in the absence of defence. Defence appears and they do not want to talk about it. These are cheap tactics of Toronto lawyers crowding our wonderful courts recklessly and depriving local lawyers a chance to gain experience. A National Brand unleashes a war chest where expense is unlimited, save the brand.

The state of these ‘Big’ Firms, Is this the cream of the crop? The behaviour? How gauche. Scotiabank did not need to waste 20,000.00 dollars of shareholders money every day on DiPaolo. Red Like Me Predicts Scotiabank will switch horses as DiPaolo is ill fitted, as it were. Funny Eh?

PEI Confederation Centre Continues To Bumble, Fumble and Crumble Under Inman

Confederation Centre CEO, Jessie Inman continues her life, hiding somewhere in the building and never to be seen. The Confederation Centre has fumbled again in selling seats to its Canada Rocks show which Inman had revived. Mid July and shows are being dropped in favour of increased Anne of Green Gables Musical shows.

The Investigation of fraudulent companies which the Centre struck to receive PNP “investments”, continues. Inman had great hopes of becoming the reincarnation of Louis B. Mayer, one of the founders of MGM Studios who had an eye for great entertainers. Inman has set out to build a new image for the Confederation Centre.

Red Like Me recently spoke to decades old associate Billy Ferguson who sits on the Board of Directors of the Confederation Centre. Ferguson claims he “never”, visits PEI and he really could not care less about the sad state of the 50 year old institution. Political hacks like Jessie Inman and David MacKenzie before her are the ruin of the Centre.

Partisan appointees have struck up fraudulent companies, sold the name of the Theatre to Rich Homburg and thrown hundreds of thousands in the garbage having cross dressing disaster Wade Lynch “work up”, a new play called “Rivir”.

Turntail Scotiabank Granted Adjournment vs. Red Like Me

After a lot of tough talk and panic mode attempts to get an injunction against Red Like Me, Scotiabank turned tail and ran back for Toronto licking the wounds. Justice Wayne Cheverie granted an adjournment to Scotiabank in its defamation claims against Red Like Me and Rob McEachern. Borden Ladner Gervais partner David DiPaola suggested that “new information has come to light regarding the sources of information which Mr. McEachern is relying upon”. What they really meant to say was that they had tried everything possible to get an overreaching injunction against Red Like Me, rammed through the back water law courts. These people are not able to prevail over Red Like Me.

Justice Cheverie suggested that Scotiabank was requesting quite a bit to much in the request. PEI is not generally quick to issue injunctions, they prefer to let it play out in the courts. DiPaola seems unable to carry any such case, his smear tactics against Red Like Me are not appreciated. Red Like Me suggested a case of red wine from DiPaola as payola since he is charging 20,000.00 per day here in fees practising irrelevance.  Payola is unarmed when it comes to oratory skills which are greatly favoured in PEI courts.

October 21 and 22nd have been set aside to resume the case. You might expect to see another lawyer “engaged” on behalf of Scotiabank. Red Like Me will make hamburger out of the complaints but it is highly unlikely it will go any further. Scotiabank is measuring the loss equations and you may see Eddie Curran and Yousef Hashmi sacrificed by Scotiabank for the almighty “Brand”. You’re Richer Than You Stink at Scotiabank.


Scotiabank Attempts To Gag Red Like Me Because of Another Scotia McLeod Trial

There is another case before the courts, one for sure that includes Scotiabank, Scotia McLeod, Eddie Curran, Yousef Hashmi, Chris LeClair and Wes Sheridan, among others. Scotiabank is requesting overreaching and overbearing gags on Red Like Me now so nobody will cover the storm brewing on the docket in Charlottetown. The suit is over millions of dollars and Scotiabank is on the hook, so far. Funny eh?

Red Like Me is the only media covering the embroiled and corrupted PEI Securities Industry. As the Constitutional Rights lawyers might say, “Scotiabank has picked a tough row to hoe”.

The other trial which has been filed and and defence is awaited, then the file becomes public. Scotiabank is making a play at quashing any unfavourable comments about the almighty Brand. The Constitution has been most effective derailing Prime Minister Harper and the Bank of Nova Scotia can expect the same.

The Premier of PEI, Robert Ghiz held a special Celebrate 2014 Social that was attended by one of the Vice Presidents of Scotiabank, in town to smear Red Like Me. Welcome to PEI.

High Stakes Wager: Scotiabank Ambush Of PEI Whistle Blower Service

It looks like an ambush to me, so when you end up at an ambush as the target, where there is an unrestricted expensive attack by a Financial Giant like Scotiabank, you must be sure to get all those in wait to start destroying one and other. Probably, Scotiabank had no idea of the level of corruption in PEI and how their own star broker was hiding PNP “loot”.

Now the “Almighty” Brand is being embroiled and it has released unlimited resources to quash Red Like Me. The legal strategy is carpet bombing of a homeless backwoods blogger, Rob McEachern by the largest law firm in Canada, do tell. It is a tremendous exercise in largesse and waste of shareholders money. There is a blaring absence of any effort or evidence of Scotiabank to ameliorate any damages they are so panicked over now. There has been no community spirit from Scotiabank on the Community Whistle Blower Red Like Me, just heavy handed, high priced legal tactics. funny eh?

Scotiabank is exactly what George Orwell warned the World about.

Public Whistle Blower Bulletin Board Showdown In PEI Courts by Scotiabank

Whistle blower protection was long overdue and young Robert Ghiz assured PEI he would introduce protection and increased accountability if he could only be Premier. Ghiz made lots of promises and has delivered on none while he has more than doubled the Provincial debt.

Red Like Me is a whistle blower bulletin board that provides ample evidence that such a Public Service is much needed and often utilized in the sleepy back waters of PEI. While the Political parties and the Lawyers and Accountants are all pretty cosy and generally able to sweep anything really wrong, under the carpet, ignored by the locals.

Scotiabank became embroiled in the PEI back waters, the in bred interconnected levels of government influence and cash flow often blend as one. Star Broker at Scotiabank found a 50 million dollar investor in Charlottetown, perhaps Scotiabank did not understand the money was all loot from the Robert Ghiz immigration “scam”, selling Canadian Passports.

Free Press, Whistle Blower Protection and Unrestrained Greed will collide in the Supreme Courts Of Prince Edward Island. Toronto big shot lawyers are coming in at twenty thousand dollars per day to quash Red Like Me, Thursday at 9:45 am, be early to get a seat. A Senior Vice President of Scotiabank may even make an appearance.

Red Like Me understands there is only one way to win, “Don’t Lose”.