CBC PEI Continues Vexatious Lawsuit Against Due Process In Supreme Court

CBC will return to Supreme Court in Charlottetown next Monday in an expensive and nefarious lawsuit which challenges due process. The Human Rights Commission has ruled that a complaint should be heard before a Panel investigation. CBC has spent over 100,000.00 dollars asking for a Judicial Review.  Continue reading

Jian Ghomeshi Meets Internet Justice and 8 Recent Victims

Jian Ghomeshi is finished. His self defence posted on Facebook has entirely eroded as their are now 8 female victims. Jian, his lawyers and damage control team attempted to diffuse the disaster on Facebook but it back fired entirely. CBC remains quiet on further sexual predators within the corporation, particularly Charlottetown. Ghomeshi is a pervert and a power freak.


The Toronto Star continues to lead the news on Ghomeshi while additional victims have introduced themselves in the past few days. A pervert being investigated in PEI remains at large in CBC News Director Donna Allen’s,  sleepy news backwater.

Mulcair Is Right, Lone Wolf Psychiatric Patients Are Not Terrorists

Although Stephen Harper and his team are scrambling to write out terrorism legislation,”On the back of a Napkin”, as MP Megan Leslie accurately portrayed the current situation. Mulcair was attacked for not giving full support that these atrocities by psychiatric patients are the act of terrorists. Continue reading

Perjury; Swearing False Oaths, Submission by Scotiabank to Judge Cheverie PEI

The recent action by Scotiabank vs Rob McEachern for an injunction against Red Like Me Whistleblower Services and Robert McEachern, in PEI Supreme Court before Justice Wayne Cheverie was derailed by the truth. Hired top gun lawyer from Toronto, David Dipaolo, a partner with Canada’s largest law firm, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP ran into the truth and a couple of stooges who can normally get away with, well, anything. Continue reading

PEI Conservative Party Put The Past Behind, Like Sweeping It Under the Carpet?

President of the PEI Conservative party Mr. Peter McQuaid, seemingly came out of woodwork, so to speak, reassuring Islanders that the Party has put a “dysfunctional” past behind them. McQuaid suggests there may be twenty different candidates on the ticket for party leader. McQuaid suggested several times that the party is all new and fresh.  Continue reading

Red Like Me Has Met Anonymous Victims Of Elite Predators, “They Are Victim’s”

The Toronto Star featured a story on Jian Ghomeshi based on facts provided by victims of Ghomeshi who choose to remain anonymous, why wouldn’t they? The Star interviewed the victims and they are real people uniform in representing Ghomeshi as a violent pervert. The spin teams and damage control experts are coaching Jian through the process.  Continue reading

BBC Ignored Jimmy Savile Sexual Abuse for Decades, CBC Acted after 1 Year?

The sexual abuse scandal of the British Broadcasting System was skirted for decades while “Star” Jimmy Savile abused prepubescent children. CBC seems to have skirted Jian Ghomeshi for at least a year, publicly funded broadcasters responsible for investigative journalism. CBC PEI has been skirting a situation for years. Continue reading

CBC Skirts Sexual Deviant, PEI’s Very Own Jian Ghomeshi “Wack Job”

CBC Broadcasting made a decision to dump Jian “Spanky” Ghomeshi after deliberating over the matter for months while a sexual deviant in Charlottetown PEI CBC has found safe harbour for years and counting. There was an extensive investigation over sexual allegations, in PEI led by former Maritimes Director Andrew “Tugboat” Cochrane, who was promoted and the entire investigation dropped. Continue reading

Trudeau’s Ragged Team, PEI “Partisan Hack Has Beens” Crowd Into Line

The days are pretty well numbered for Robert Ghiz in PEI but the party has high hopes for Trudeau and his ability to reinstall them at the Federal trough, its been a long wait. The same reasons the Liberals lost federal power are getting back in line again to ride the Trudeau freedom train. MP’s Sean Casey and Lawrence MacAualy have both declared they will vote against their own conscience and take 1 for the party, on abortion. Continue reading

Liberal Premier Robert Ghiz Pays Lip Service To Public Expense Accountability

Another half baked story from CBC last week helped illustrate the continued lack of accountability by LIberal Robert Ghiz on expenses and a lack of any interest of investigation by CBC. The Public have every right to know about any expense, period. Ghiz paid lip service to the CBC, falsely claiming expenses are all available on line. Continue reading

Charlottetown Mayoral Race, Witholding Funding Sources?

The funding of elections in Prince Edward Island is the most corrupted and outdated of any jurisdiction in North America. There are no limits on corporate donations to Political parties, the law firms and accountants are invariably the highest donors. Corporate interests appear to be financing Mayoral candidate Clifford Lee but he is not telling. Continue reading

CBC Star Jian Ghomeshi Gets Canned, Seeking 50 Million Dollars Damages

While CBC has been witnessed to waste tremendous funds in lawsuits, the Corporations biggest star has been fired over the weekend and will launch a claim in court. Ghomeshi is the widely acclaimed host of ‘Radio Q’ programs which he just hosted in Los Angeles, for whatever reason. Gomeshi was a great self promoter and maybe things got out of hand in LA? Continue reading

Whistle Blowers Reap Millions in Fraud Case

Whistle blowers are the new American Heroes according to a Due Diligence Report.


Whistle blowers are always protected at Red Like Me, just ask Scotiabank if you do not believe us.

Red Like Me Suggests CBC PEI Investigation Assignments

CBC Charlottetown while really trying to get into the news business, is missing the mark entirely. Since CBC executives botched the NHL contracts and the revenue we are seeing new objective journalism imposed on the cozy back water “feel good” news room in PEI. CBC Go Public from Vancouver has taken a lead role in investigative journalism and won awards, PEI has been given a wake up call and told to get with it or else. Continue reading

Justin Trudeau Phones Into CBC PEI To Put His Foot In Premier Ghiz’ Mouth?

Robert Ghiz and PEI Health have been very busy trying to explain why they have hidden a report which demonstrated cost savings by providing abortion services in PEI. Ghiz even went to the extreme expense of rehiring his favourite spin doctor. On CBC radio, Trudeau ever so politely suggested, “There are questions which need answers”, in PEI Health Continue reading

Scotia McLeod Retirement Farewell or Public Hanging?

Shame can encourage early retirement but there does not seem to be any sense of shame at Scotia McLeod, particularly in Charlottetown. Industry insiders are suggesting they would prefer a public hanging of culprits bringing disdain and mistrust in the sleepy back water. Still waters run deep and there is millions and millions of investment capital in PEI. Continue reading

Moody’s Points Canada In Direction of Higher Interest and Bank Profits

Naturally the balanced budget and world “leader” banking system wins some token mention but Moody’s Bond Rating Service review of Canada points Harper toward higher interest rates. Moody’s is fearing overvalued real-estate in Canada and high levels of personal debt ‘could’ become problematic. The Harper  “Consumer First”, policy is a figment of some spin doctors imagination. Continue reading